Luke Jackson Design ( has 1 employee. Luke Jackson Design undertakes the following services: Brand Identity, Branding, Logo Design, Website Design and Graphic Design (including but not limited to brochure, poster, flyer, social media artwork, video, business card, business stationery and apparel design).

Scope of policy:

This policy applies to Luke Jackson Design and is dated 24th May 2018. The purpose of this policy is to comply with the law relating to GDPR.

  • We receive personal data as part of potential client, partnership or supplier enquiries (name, telephone number, email address, website address) which is used to correspond via letter, phone, email, text or messenger with a view to arranging a visit/meeting or begin a project for the client.
  • We do not ask for further identifying information.
  • The data is held on whatever method it is received (email/text/notebook/Facebook Messenger to which only Luke Jackson; the owner of Luke Jackson Design and authorised personnel have access to.
  • If we are unable to contact you but feel that another business will be able to provide you a suitable service, we will pass on only the contact information required for correspondence for the reasons of Legitimate Interest.
  • The data is used to send and receive quotations, invoices and other related correspondence only.
  • We can, with your clear permission, keep your details in order to allow us to recommend your own business services to potential clients for the reasons of Legitimate Interest.
  • The information is not made available to any third parties nor used for marketing purposes without your clear permission.
  • Due to the ongoing nature of Luke Jackson Design's services, we do keep your contact information for the purpose of being able to provide you with a service as efficiently as possible.
  • Any data obtained for a business as a prospect (a potential client that has not contacted Luke Jackson Design beforehand) will only be contacted if they are not knowingly on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and only for the reasons of Legitimate Interest. This data sourced through a third-party has already taken measures to be GDPR Compliant and therefore all data obtained is legal and secure. Data for prospects includes director's name, director's date of birth, company name, business address, business email address, website address, business phone number, net sales & value where applicable and date of business formation. This data is stored with on Google Drive or a Hard Drive, both of which are password protected.
  • Your data can be safely deleted upon request. In the unlikely event that there is a data breach of security we would, in the first instance, change any necessary passwords, report to the breached platforms and, also, if deemed necessary to the Information Commissioners Office. You will also be notified of any known data breach as soon as possible.
  • With reference to this Privacy Policy and our actions as a company, Luke Jackson Design to the best of it's knowledge has followed the data protection rules set by GDPR.


Should you require further clarification, please contact us via the contact details on our Contact Page.