what makes ljd the right fit for you?

We are the right fit for businesses that have ambition and are prepared to work in collaboration with designer, Luke Jackson. You don't have to know all the answers; we will help you find those but your input as the expert of your business is needed, just as our input as experts in design and brand identity is in order to deliver you a great result. Trust and long-term support are key to the success of a project and are practices that we're proud to be able to provide for our clients.

the designer: luke jackson

Highly qualified, extremely ambitious, easy to get along with, a great listener, chock full of creative ideas, occasionally stubborn (in a good way) and a guy you trust instantly (so I'm told). I'm good at alot of things and I'm proud of that... wearing ties isn't one of them though!

I'm based in Matlock, Derbyshire (UK) but can work remotely thanks to the power of the internet!

the bigger picture

At the core of each of our designs is a vision... your vision. We're not interested in designing just for the sake of making things look nice, We create designs that customers can connect with, which in turn, causes them to have a great impression of your business. By setting goals at the start of our project, we have clarity whilst working together allowing us to reach your vision quickly, effectively and without endless revisions.